Could Your Adult Child with Autism Continue to Live with You?

Over the years of raising your autistic child, you might not have thought much about what happens when she becomes an adult with autism. It’s entirely possible that you’ll decide that she should continue to live with you, but that sometimes seems unrealistic to parents. By exploring your options you can determine what the right solution is.

Home Care in Rockville MD: Could Your Adult Child with Autism Continue to Live with You?

Other Living Arrangements Might not Feel Right.

While there are more and more group homes and other types of living situations becoming available for autistic adults, some of those might not feel right to you or to your family member. The home may not be near your own, for instance, or the living situation may be so different from the one she’s used to that your autistic adult isn’t interested in the idea.

Multi-generational Living Is Actually Quite Common.

For lots of people, it’s just assumed that children will simply grow up and move away, no matter what else is going on. Multiple generations living in the same home is extremely common throughout the world. If that’s a situation that works well for you and for your autistic adult, there’s no reason to force another situation simply to conform to what society expects to happen.

Your Child May Be Most Comfortable with You

Autistic people tend to have very specific routines and expectations for their day and for their lives. If that is the case for your autistic adult, then she may be most comfortable in the familiar atmosphere she has living at home with you. Uprooting her and causing her to change her routines, especially if that is not what she wants, can be a tremendous problem for her.

Home Care for Autism Can Help.

As your autistic adolescent becomes an adult with autism, caregiving tasks can become much more difficult for you to handle on your own. Having home care for autism can help you to manage tasks and to take care of your autistic adult in the way that she requires. This is especially important as you grow older and have more needs of your own that you need to manage amongst your autistic adult’s needs.

Every situation is different, of course, but there’s certainly no reason for your autistic adult to leave home right away. By the time you’re making that decision, you’ll likely have all sorts of tools to help you to  make the right decision for everyone involved.

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