Support Services

Support Services

Personal Support: Global Hands Inc provide Individual Support services. Personal Support offers individual assistance, supervision/support, and training for people living in their own homes or in the family home. Personal Support offers a range of home and community integrated services intended to assist the individual to participate fully in home and community life. Personal support services are also known as Community Supported Living Arrangements and are provided based upon the needs as articulated in the individual plan.

These services are provided to people with a developmental disability who are currently enrolled in the waiver, are in crisis situations; are moving from a state residential center (SRC), nursing facility, or from a mental health facility placement; or are on the waiting list for DDA services and identified as needing services. These services are provided regularly based upon a specified number of hours required weekly.

Individuals served have the following types of disabilities: Autism, Intellectual disability, and other developmental disabilities.

The services we provide include, but may not be limited to the following:

Independent Living Skills

  • Menu planning, food shopping, meal preparation, and eating
  • Individual care and assistance with hygiene and grooming
  • Any task to ensure health and safety, including nursing services and medication administration where applicable
  • Engaging in community integrated activities to improve social skills
  • Managing finances, including money management, banking and tax preparation

Alternative Living Unit (ALU)

ALU is the residential program for individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities. An ALU is a home or an apartment that accommodates up to 3-4 individuals. 24-hour staff supervision includes assistance with health-related appointments, clothing and grocery shopping, social activities, and special events. The Office of Health Care Quality, the licensing and monitoring agency of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Maryland, licenses the home. Each home meets the quality standards of State regulations, which determine ongoing residential programs for individuals with disabilities.