Talking and Acting with Special Individuals

Effective communication is sometimes difficult if you are conversing with a person with a developmental disability. You must extend your patience and show that you are genuine towards them. These rare gems are very good at detecting real personalities. A good judge of character, as they say. It is not every day that they will like us. However, we have to give it a try. As long as you know how to approach them, everything will be fine.

As developmental disabilities care in Maryland, we know how significant these tips are for talking and acting around them:

  • Treat them like how you treat everyone else. There is nothing more they can appreciate than being treated being normal.
  • Don’t assume that you know what they want in an instant. Always ask them because assumptions are not always accurate.
  • If you want to offer help, ask for their permission. Sometimes, it is in their ego that they don’t want to be assisted. That is why ask first before lending a hand.
  • Speak directly to them, empathize with them but don’t show them that you are sorry for them- that irritates them.

These individuals we support in our human services in Odenton cherish to be treated normally. Don’t stare at them. That is inappropriate and makes them uncomfortable.

Aside from human services, we also offer personal care and other healthcare support services. To know more about us, check out the details here on our website. Global Hands Inc. is here to give support and alternatives to individuals with developmental disabilities.

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