Job Openings

Global Hands Inc is looking for exceptional individuals passionate about working with people with special needs to join our growing team of healthcare professionals for a variety of key positions. We are an equal opportunity employer. To join our team of caring staff, please visit the downloads page and complete the application forms. Global Hands Inc is looking to employ qualified individuals to fill the following positions:

      • Administrative Assistant
      • Direct Support Professionals
      • House Managers/ Team Lead
      • Support Coordinators
      • Registered Nurses (RN) / License Practical Nurses (LPN)
      • Psychologists
      • Therapists

      Job Requirements

      Be at least 18 years old (ID card – Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card etc.);

      Pass a criminal background investigation, have child protective services clearance, if supporting a child;

      Have a bachelor’s degree or demonstrate one (1) year of life experiences and skills in navigating a broad; range of community resources for individuals with a developmental disability and their families;

      Complete the required DDA training prior to service delivery;

      Be current in first CPR, First Aid, Certified Medication Technician (CMT)certifications;

      Complete necessary pre/in-service training based on the Person-Centered Plan;

      Must possess a valid Driver’s License and have Automobile Insurance for automobiles that are owned, leased, and/or hired and used in the provision of services.

          Direct Support Professional (DSP) Responsibilities

          • Be knowledgeable of the behavioral and/or medical concerns that require supervision and monitoring through careful review of the following: MAR's, IP, BP, etc.
          • Maintaining appropriate interactions with each Individual served their family members, friends, advocates, neighbors, coworkers and supervisors, etc.
          • Assisting people to become integrated members of the community by participating in social activities of their preference.
          • Assisting with the appearance and hygiene of people receiving services.
          • Ensuring the cleanliness of the house and completing housekeeping responsibilities.
          • Ensuring the safety and well-being of Individuals.
          • Data collection for all documents pertinent to the Individuals that you serve.
          • Complete all paperwork and documents required.
          • Following routine and emergency medical procedures.
          • Implementation and documentation of Individual Plan (IP) or Behavior Plan (BP) as required.
          • Communicating Individual's need to the appropriate supervisor.
          • Communicating difficulties to the appropriate supervisory staff person.
          • Administration of medication and completing appropriate documentation.
          • Menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation.
          • Becoming familiar with and adhering to the agency's policies, procedures, and personnel policies.
          • Completing all Incident reports as necessary and submitting within 24 hours.
          • Arriving to work, trainings, scheduled appointments, etc. on time.
          • Ensuring that all people should be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity at all times.
          • Maintaining certification in all required DDA trainings.
          • Performing other duties as assigned pertaining to the health and safety of the Individuals

              Thank you for your interest in working for our agency.
              Please submit the application below to be considered for a position.