Housing for Developmental Disabled Adults

Housing for Developmental Disabled Adults

Our home is where we belong. This is where we feel the safest. This is where we learn about ourselves and the world before eventually going out.

Unfortunately, we cannot share the same with our loved ones with developmental disabilities. They may need further support and assistance throughout their lives.

To support the individual’s progress, there are different living arrangements available that will both ensure their safety as well as help them develop necessary skills.

Staying in the family home is always an option to consider. The family and the individuals may choose to remain at home to cultivate a nice and familiar atmosphere for the individuals with a developmental disability. On one hand, living with a new family through a life sharing or domiciliary program still enables a family time environment while challenging the participants in a different setting.

Alternative living units are good to accommodate around 3 to 4 persons with a 24-hour staff to assist with their needs. Integrated communities that include co-housing and support by various members of the community can also work.

There is Developmental Disabilities Care in Maryland that you can count on for your loved one.

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