“Healthy” Foods That Are Actually Bad for You

“Healthy” Foods That Are Actually Bad for You

There are tons of unhealthy foods out there that masquerade as healthy ones. If you or your loved one are trying to improve your diet, you should probably stay clear of the following “healthy” foods that are actually bad for you.

  • Trail Mix

    If you provide Personal Care and other Healthcare Support Services to a senior or disabled loved one, you’ve probably gone to the grocery store for them a couple of times. Trail mix is a popular snack — and it’s probably been on your grocery list once or twice.

    Be warned, however, that several brands are loaded with chocolate chips and dry fruit drenched in sugar and artificial preservatives, all of which are technically not healthy.

  • Vegetable Chips

    We understand how this can be misleading. After all, if it has “vegetable” in its name. It should be healthy, right?

  • Not necessarily.

    These airy puffs are typically a combo of cornmeal, potato flour, and rice flour that translates to an overload of starchy calories.

  • Cereal, Granola, and Breakfast Bars

    Often touted as “high fiber” for quick energy, many of these processed bars contain little fiber and loads of saturated fats, sugars, and sodium as a preservative.

Proper Nutrition for Loved Ones

As a professional provider of Home Health Care in Odenton, Maryland, we at Global Hands Inc. believe that there’s nothing more important to a individual’s wellness than proper nutrition.

Therefore, we do our best to provide a reliable Nursing Support Service in Hanover to ensure our clients’ physical and mental health requirements are met with complete accuracy.

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