Five Tips for Helping a Family Member with Developmental Disabilities Feel More Comfortable Visiting the Doctor

Home Care in Clarksville MD: Feeling Comfortable Visiting the Doctor
It’s not unusual at all for a family member with developmental disabilities to be a little worried about going to the doctor. For some family members, the situation may be a little more intense than just creating worry. Here are some ideas that can help.

Let the Office Staff Know about Your Family Member’s Needs.

If this is a doctor that is already familiar with your family member, they may already know about her needs. But if this is a doctor that is new to your family member, it helps to take a few minutes to share a little bit about how she reacts and interacts with others. They can even give you tips that might help make the situation easier.

Set up an Introductory Visit.

Something else that can help, especially if this isn’t an urgent visit, can be to go ahead and set up an introductory visit for your family member. This gives her the chance to meet the doctor, nurses, and other office staff. Being in the doctor’s office and becoming familiar with the layout, sounds, and smells can help her to feel more comfortable the next time she’s there.

Complete Paperwork in Advance.

Make sure that you pick up or print out any paperwork that you’ll need to fill out for the appointment. Fill that out before the appointment and you can shorten the amount of time your family member will need to spend in the waiting room. This is also an important step if you’re not able to be there. Home care providers for adults with developmental disabilities can take the completed paperwork to the appointment for your family member.

Schedule the Appointment Carefully.

Depending on her needs, you might need to schedule this appointment for your family member carefully. Try for an appointment time that is within a typically “good” window of time for her. If she tires easily for instance and becomes frustrated, scheduling earlier in the day might be a good idea. For family members who have a tough time getting going each day, an appointment mid-morning might be a better option.

Use Reminders and a Schedule to Help Leading up to the Appointment.

Your family member might need some reminders to help her to stay aware of the appointment. Gentle reminders every day or so that the appointment is now this many days away can help. You may also find it helpful to put notes on a calendar and talk about what to expect. Talk about the people that you met at the office and the office itself, too.

Making the idea of going to the doctor as calm and peaceful as possible can help adults with developmental disabilities to feel safe and supported. That’s going to make the entire situation much easier on both of you.

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