Employment for People With Developmental Disabilities

Historically, most people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) have been either employed or unemployed. However, this is no longer the case now as there have been people with IDD who have been employed alongside people without disabilities and earn competitive wages. As a provider of developmental disabilities care in Maryland, we help in the integration of people with IDD into the community.

Other than the usual personal care and other healthcare support services there are now school-to-work transition programs available for people with IDD. Here are some key requirements to a successful school-to-work transition program:

    The transition planning starts early on

  • They foster individualized exploration, experiences, and community-based employment options which enables them to make informed choices.
  • They include career assessments to see the students’ preferences, interests, and skills.
  • Students leave high school with opportunities to either pursue post-secondary education or apply for appropriate jobs.

People with IDDs can integrate into the community and keep their jobs with the proper help and opportunities. As a provider of mental health in Baltimore, we at Global Hands Inc help make this transition easier.

We are also a provider of home health care in Odenton, Maryland offering a wide range of services such as community development service, independent living skills, alternative living units, and others.