Can a Family Member with Autism Live Independently?

Home Care in Laurel MD: Can a Family Member with Autism Live Independently?
Autism is a developmental disorder that affects people in different ways. Some people with autism may be nonverbal or experience other difficulties interacting with the world around them. Others may be able to live independently one day in the future.

Support Systems Help.

Chances are very good that your family member has more help available than you have been able to fully access in the past. Social workers, doctors, and other members of your family member’s care team can offer up suggestions and tools that you can use. They can also help you to find other resources that you can start using right away. Even if you’re not able to use a resource now or you don’t have need for it just yet, make sure that you maintain the information so that you have access to it later.

Home Care for Autism Is Vital.

Home care providers can help with the practicalities of daily living, such as light housekeeping and meal preparation. They can also be instrumental in ensuring that your family member is able to get to appointments when necessary. One of the most overlooked services that home care for autism can provide is companionship for your family member.

Other Services May Help, Too.

Many adults with autism are able to work at a job. Job services can help with finding placement and job coaches can accompany your family member to work and help her to understand what she needs to do and keep her on task. Depending on the area in which your family member lives, there may be a variety of other types of service that can help enrich her life and promote independence.

Other Family Members Might Be Willing to Help.

You might not want to talk to other family members about helping, but they may be more willing to help than you might have believed. Often family members aren’t sure just what they can do or how they can help, so they wait to be asked. There are times that opening up this conversation nets more help for the family member with autism and helps to promote even greater independence because of that help.

Every autistic person’s situation is slightly different, of course. But you and the rest of your family member’s care team can put a plan together that helps to promote independence as much as possible. Those plans may need to change over time, but you can help to implement them as best as possible.

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